Sometimes I can’t sleep…

I hate it. I want to be sleeping and cuddling with my boyfriend all cozy in our warm bed but I can’t sleep and I hate sitting in bed wide awake restless, for some reason I hate being in bed when I’m unable to sleep because I feel annoying and I always feel that if just go read for a bit or do something for a but I’ll tire myself out and actually be able to sleep.

What always is the case is that I feel sad for not being with my boyfriend cuddling warm and sleepy but I would also feel bad sitting in bed unable to sleep all night, so I spend my time reading or thinking or stressing or starting projects and then getting discouraged…all end up me usually getting even more tired but still unable to sleep.

And I’ve tried just laying in bed to fall asleep eventually method a billion times and I sadly actually get really anxious and my breathing gives me trouble sometimes and I feel annoying and sometimes I’ve spent hours trying so hard to do nothing, but alas I can’t make myself fall asleep sometimes when my mind and body aren’t letting me.


I just wanna sleep and be warm and cuddles… but now I’m going back to my reading method.

Maybe sleep will come soon.

(Sidenote: One of my kitties is sleeping adorably in my lap, and that makes everything a little better no matter what.)

So tired.

So tired
It’s only Tuesday
I woke up at 5:40 am
Got ready for work
Caught my train at 6:32am
Worked from 8:30am-5:30pm
Took my required lunch break, and everyday I try to stay as close to the minimum required lunch break time of 30 minutes to make as much as I can
Catch 5:46 pm train home
After two transfers I finally arrive at my home station at 7:12pm
Then I drive the short distance to my house
Get “home” around 7:20pm

Then I walk in my house throw my things down exhausted and usually fight to stay awake to hopefully enjoy some time before I pass out.

I was so tired this morning when I got to work…

That only after about 30 mins of trying to work and trying to keep my eyes open… I rested my head on my arm on my desk NOT intending to fall asleep…
BUT about 30 mins later my boss came by and basically woke me up, I probably looked surprised, but she asked if I was okay. I just said I was tired and she asks if I needed coffee but I was really just exhausted plus I was desperately awaiting my moms arrival (we work at the same company) to bring me my ADHD meds because they give me energy and focus.

So long story short, basically… I fell asleep at my desk on just my 4th day and was horribly embarrassed by being awoken by my boss. (Thankfully she was way super cool about it.)

Tomorrow I have to get a doctors note for missing class on Monday due to accidentally overdosing on one of my medicines (I was super sleepy okay haha)…

I feel like it will be awkward getting the note. 

I feel like they will think i’m stupid for accidentally taking three of one of my medicines instead of the right one of my other medicines…I mean they already know about it because I had to call them to ask what to do when I did it haha but…idk

The “overdose” just made me pass the fuck out for a large portion of the day…and I was instructed not to leave the house or drive while it affected me because of that (it was one of my anxiety medications).

I got my comforter that morning, went to the couch and laid down, and made it through one and half episodes of power puff girls before passing out haha

I guess the doctor will probably just put medical emergency or something on the note idk…

only me, i swear…god damn haha

i need more sleep

I basically fell asleep at school on this mini-couch thing the other night for a short period of time, waiting for one of my roommates to get done with her class, and my other friend waiting with me decided to take this lovely picture of me…

I was so exhausted.

I basically fell asleep at school on this mini-couch thing the other night for a short period of time, waiting for one of my roommates to get done with her class, and my other friend waiting with me decided to take this lovely picture of me…

I was so exhausted.


The tyranny of the eight-hour block reinforces a narrow conception of sleep and how we should approach it. … The idea that we should sleep in eight-hour chunks is relatively recent.


A number of recent studies suggest that any deep sleep — whether in an eight-hour block or a 30-minute nap — primes our brains to function at a higher level, letting us come up with better ideas, find solutions to puzzles more quickly, identify patterns faster and recall information more accurately.


Gradual acceptance of the notion that sequential sleep hours are not essential for high-level job performance has led to increased workplace tolerance for napping and other alternate daily schedules.

Employees at Google, for instance, are offered the chance to nap at work because the company believes it may increase productivity.


Most of us are not fortunate enough to work in office environments that permit, much less smile upon, on-the-job napping. But there are increasing suggestions that greater tolerance for altered sleep schedules might be in our collective interest


David K. Randall on rethinking sleep, something with which Thomas Edison would nod (off) in agreement

Randall is the author of Dreamland: Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep, one of the best science books of 2012.

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I just woke up a little bit ago.

I ate a donut and a croissant.

I guess now is a good time to go back to bed.

"Too often, the only escape is sleep."

— Charles Bukowski (via mirroir)

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Loving The Little Things

I love the feeling of crawling into bed into my comfy warm blankets when I’m super sleepy. When I’m so exhausted and the best feeling at that moment is laying under my comfy warm blankets and just drifting to sleep. 

Sleeping is for pussies.

Just kidding…

Insomnia is a bitch.

tonight i will be falling asleep to eddie vedder ukulele songs

bon soir mes amis

Drifting to sleep…

I recently remembered how to sleep…my used to be insomnia hasn’t kept me from sleeping for several days now (hoping it lasts) and I’m quite enjoying it. Good night everyone. :)

I’m so tired…

Just got back a little bit ago from working all day at The Gap

Thankfully it was my last day for the summer because I’m seasonal and am going back to school in the next week or so.

I can’t wait till i’m all moved into my new house.

I love my mom, but she makes me do stuff around the house constantly all the time, especially late at night (its hard to explain all this, so I’m not going to right now). But I’m ready to rid myself of my semi-insomnia, and I want to learn how to sleep normally again.

I’m so ready to be able to go to sleep whenever I want to, instead of my mom getting mad at me when I’m tired.

But it will be a while before I go to sleep tonight probably…oh well, I’ll sleep normally some other day

Dang. I woke up really late today.

So…. I’m not going to do a Song-of-the-Day for today, since today is mostly over.

I will just post a new Song-of-the-Day tomorrow, probably at midnight so it will be up all day.

Decisions, decisions…what to do?

Should I sleep for a few hours, or just stay up and watch Beginners for the millionth time…Hmmmm?? 

I choose to watch Beginners because that movie is one of my favorites and is WAY better than a few hours of sleep from which I would wake up wanting to just sleep for a few more days. I love sleep but more in the way of sleeping for 12+hours or more…I kind of have a sleeping/life problem haha…