Hey everyone!! To anyone who follows me or may not follow me but happens to see this post, please check this project out!

I am assisting in the costume designing for the film, and its a really exciting film and project in itself and to be working on. This is the kickstarter for the film, and they have almost reached their fundraising goal, but still need some help.

If you could check the kickstarter out that would be awesome, but if you could share this post or the kickstarter that would incredibly amazing.

If you’re able to and want to, you can make a pledge to help us reach our goal. Donating any money to this film would unbelievably appreciated. But making a pledge isn’t necessary for you to help because sharing this or checking out the kickstarter is helping in itself, and for that we are so grateful. But thank you everyone!!


Help back our independent short film about the modern day Romeo and Juliet with a twist. Make a donation and you could get your hands on this amazing poster as well as contributing to an awesome project!

Click Here to Find Out More!

Please check out this awesome project! Click the link above and check out the kickstarter and learn about the film, the crew, and this awesomely interesting and funny short film.

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Going to see the new Thor with my boyfriend tonight.

yay for the movies :)

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Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt MeTrailer for the documentary

Everyone should see this if they can. It is supposed to be a great documentary, and for any Big Star fans it is supposed to absolutely amazing.

My great-uncle Andy Hummel, who very sadly passed away in 2010, was the bassist in Big Star. Before he passed away the filmmakers interviewed him a lot for the film, and when I get to go see it finally this July in Dallas with a lot of my awesome family in attendance, not only will I be able to enjoy it as a fan of film, as fan of music especially Big Star’s, but also to see and hear my great-uncle Andy’s voice and face again, and to here him tell some of Big Star’s story. I can’t wait.

Also… if you’ve never listened to Big Star, check them out!

Hell Baby - Movie Trailer

Okay so this movie has an awesome cast, and looks really funny. I’m kind of nervous that it is one of those that you go to see with hopes high and are disappointed, but the cast is so good and this trailer is pretty great, that I want to think that it will be really good and really funny.

"This house has had a strange affect on my wife, and I think she might be possessed by a demon so I’m a little stressed out."

Going to see This Is The End with mi madre.


I will always love this soundtrack. Beautiful great music. Listen to it if you haven’t before, or listen to it again even if you already have before.

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Trailer: ‘Prince Avalanche’ - Aug 9

Written and directed by David Gordon Green, starring Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch.

This looks good. Definitely will be seeing. Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch starring together looks like an awesome parring (They are so great individually, so they gotta be great together, at least to me they are so…yeah).

Anyway, I’m excited to see this.

In the opening scene, Marion Crane is wearing a white bra because Alfred Hitchcock wanted to show her as being “angelic”. After she has taken the money, the following scene has her in a black bra because now she has done something wrong and evil. Similarly, before she steals the money, she has a white purse; after she’s stolen the money, her purse is black.

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Decided to go to the free showing of Man of Steel with my company tomorrow, and we were all just given our tickets and also free T-shirts.

Decided to go to the free showing of Man of Steel with my company tomorrow, and we were all just given our tickets and also free T-shirts.


i just watched the anchorman 2 trailer

i’m so excited

i can’t contain it

yes yes yes

The company I’m interning at is holding a free screening of Man of Steel this Thursday, should I go?

I’m pretty sure I know what everyone is going to say…i’m just being indecisive…

Opinions everyone and anyone?

Song-of-the-Day: “Summer Wine” by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood

Heard this song in the film Stoker, and the song within the context of the film was amazing, such a perfect choice of music.

But anyways, I have been listening to this song over and over again for the past few days now and had to make it my song-of-the-day.

Listen & Enjoy!

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Seeing Star Trek at midnight.