Life, Decisions, Realizations….

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Holy Shiitake Mushrooms.

I should get my haircut all Audrey Hepburn Pixie cut style.

Do 60s winged eyes all the time.

And continue my love for dressing eclectically, but maybe up the amount of days I dress super-chic in all-black.

I’m going to get my hair cut shorter (its too long again)…but how short should I cut my hair this time?

I don’t know how short to cut it

my hair looks best short so I keep it short, but i’m thinking it might look even better a little shorter than usual maybe??

 i don’t know..i can’t decide

Decisions, decisions…what to do?

Should I sleep for a few hours, or just stay up and watch Beginners for the millionth time…Hmmmm?? 

I choose to watch Beginners because that movie is one of my favorites and is WAY better than a few hours of sleep from which I would wake up wanting to just sleep for a few more days. I love sleep but more in the way of sleeping for 12+hours or more…I kind of have a sleeping/life problem haha…

uh oh… What should I do?

I was going to go play some ping pong at the rec center at 6 but….I crawled into my bed with my computer to kill time until ping pong, and now I wanna sleep. 

Should I take an awesome nap or should I go wreck some people at ping pong?!?!

haha I don’t know what to do…

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