Listening to Mindy Kaling’s audiobook, “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)”

It is so great. Like really, really great.

She has got to be one of my favorite people (I do have a lot of favorite people but they are all quality people haha)

I really recommend reading her book or getting the audiobook. The audiobook is really awesome because Mindy actually narrates the book herself, which makes it so awesome.

Hell Baby - Movie Trailer

Okay so this movie has an awesome cast, and looks really funny. I’m kind of nervous that it is one of those that you go to see with hopes high and are disappointed, but the cast is so good and this trailer is pretty great, that I want to think that it will be really good and really funny.

"This house has had a strange affect on my wife, and I think she might be possessed by a demon so I’m a little stressed out."

Going to see This Is The End with mi madre.


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Currently trying to listen to Louis C.K. stand up on Spotify while I’m at work…

The important word in that was trying because I can’t help from laughing at every genius word he says and so I’m scared everyone will hate me after listening to me suppressing laughter and quietly giggling from my desk after a while…this might not work.

But I love it too much.

A monkey high-five. A little monkey hand high-fiving me. I love monkeys, but I fucking love high-fiving. And those two things came together in a magic moment.

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Nick Swardson talking about Olympics:

She’s be doing javelin since she was -3.

Well, fuck you world!

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DUDE, YOU ARE A COW. The metamorphosis is complete.

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Just discovered there was a bunch of Mitch Hedberg’s comedy on Spotify. YAYYYYY. :)

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I miss Mitch Hedberg :(

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About to watch 50/50, and then The Artist! Midnight Double Feature.

I’ve seen 50/50 many times, and if you haven’t seen it yet, you HAVE to watch it as soon as possible because it is hysterical and also beautiful, and just great in so many ways.

I haven’t seen The Artist yet (kind of sad that I never saw it in theaters, even though I had wanted to see it for months even before it came out….how did i never see it in theaters?!)…anyways, I’m really excited to finally watch The Artist.